Heating System Inspection & Preventative Maintenance

Combustion Efficiency Testing

During the inspec­tion a cer­ti­fied ser­vice tech­ni­cian will look for major sources of energy loss in the heat­ing sys­tem: incom­plete com­bus­tion of fuel and high flue gas temperatures.

Parts Cleaning

A good ser­vice tech­ni­cian should take time to clean the fol­low­ing parts of your heat­ing system:

  • Burner Combustion chamber
  • Heat exchanger surfaces
  • Oil line filter


After the ini­tial effi­ciency test and parts clean­ing, the tech­ni­cian should make any final adjust­ments to the sys­tem to keep it run­ning smoothly until the next reg­u­lar main­te­nance visit.The tech­ni­cian should adjust the following:

  • Air flow rate
  • Fuel flow
  • Internal ther­mo­stat calibration

Benefits of a Home Heating System Inspection

  • Increased Efficiency and Overall Warmth through­out your entire system
  • Use Less Fuel and Lower your heat­ing bills
  • Extend the life of your system

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