Carbon Monoxide Testing

The pres­ence of car­bon monox­ide in your home is dangerous.

Provost Plumbing is one of only twelve con­trac­tors cer­ti­fied in car­bon monox­ide test­ing and repair in the state of Massachusetts.

Provost Plumbing can help pro­tect your fam­ily from the dan­gers of car­bon monox­ide poi­son­ing. The first step is to make sure that car­bon monox­ide is not enter­ing your home. A cer­ti­fied Provost Plumbing tech­ni­cian, using sate-of-the-art equip­ment, will test and clean fuel-burning appli­ances to ensure they are in good work­ing order.

The sec­ond step is to install at least one car­bon monox­ide mon­i­tor in your home.

What Is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monox­ide is a col­or­less and odor­less gas. You can’t see, taste or smell it. It can affect you or your fam­ily before you even know it’s there. Even at low lev­els of expo­sure, car­bon monox­ide can cause seri­ous health prob­lems. Carbon monox­ide is harm­ful because it will rapidly accu­mu­late in the blood, deplet­ing the abil­ity of blood to carry oxygen.

Where Does Carbon Monoxide Come From?

Carbon monox­ide is a com­mon by-product of the com­bus­tion (burn­ing) of fos­sil fuels. Most fuel-burning equip­ment (nat­ural gas, propane and oil), if prop­erly installed and main­tained, pro­duces lit­tle car­bon monox­ide. The by-products of com­bus­tion are usu­ally safely vented to the out­side. However, if any­thing dis­rupts the vent­ing process (such as a bird’s nest in the chim­ney) or results in a short­age of oxy­gen to the burner, car­bon monox­ide pro­duc­tion can quickly rise to dan­ger­ous levels.

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