Garbage Disposal Installation

How to Install a Garbage Disposal

garbage dis­posalInstalling a garbage dis­posal

  • Turn off the power

The most impor­tant step to safely installing your garbage dis­posal is to turn off the tower to your drain­ing and kitchen appli­ances which will reduce, if not elim­i­nate, the risks of elec­tro­cu­tion as you install the garbage disposal.

  • Remove the putty and screws

The next step in installing your garbage dis­posal is remov­ing the putty that sur­rounds the drain sys­tem on your sink and then remov­ing the screws which will allow you to take out the cur­rent drain and put the new garbage dis­posal item in as a replacement.

  • Remove the snap ring

Use a screw­driver to remove the snap ring which is located on the sink flange. Then be care­ful not to dam­age any of the parts as this can ruin the nec­es­sary com­po­nents of your drainage sys­tem and pre­vent you from installing a fully func­tional garbage disposal.

  • Put the Mountain Ring over the Flange

  • Installing the Snap Ring and Setting the Connections Up

Push the snap ring onto the flange until it pops into the groove and sits in place. Next you want to turn the dis­posal unit on its side and push the plug until it pops out of the end. You should then pull the plug out of the dis­posal unit, locate the elec­tri­cal hole and insert a wire clamp to it. Make sure that your power is still off, remove the dis­posal sys­tem cover and bring out the wires. Connect and secure the wires as safely as you pos­si­bly can, be care­ful not to split any of the wires for safety reasons.

Finishing up

After putting the wires for the sys­tem in place, mount the dis­pos­able unit into the sink and seal off the con­nec­tion com­pletely. Install the drain lines care­fully to ensure that the sys­tem is work­ing prop­erly and turn the power back on to test your next system.

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