Carbon Monoxide Monitor

Why do I need a low-level Carbon Monoxide Monitor?

The CO-Experts low-level mon­i­tor senses Carbon Monoxide lev­els as low as 5ppm (parts per mil­lion). Store bought “detec­tors” don not alarm until unsafe lev­els of 70ppm have been reached. By then it can be to late since Carbon Monoxide lev­els above 10ppm can cause ill­ness and per­ma­nent disabilities.

Let’s you know there’s a prob­lem before reach­ing dan­ger­ous, even deadly car­bon monox­ide lev­els — long before other detec­tors begin to work.

Uses the same elec­tro­chem­i­cal sen­sor tech­nol­ogy found in pro­fes­sional car­bon monox­ide ana­lyz­ers. These mon­i­tors are cal­i­brated using car­bon monox­ide not elec­tronic guesswork!


  • Digital dis­play shows CO level at 5 ppm or higher
  • Alarm @ 10 ppm — audi­ble & visual every 60 seconds
  • Alarm @ 25 ppm — audi­ble & visual every 10 seconds
  • Full alarm at 50+ ppm — audi­ble & visual every 6 sec­onds (tim­ing varies with level)
  • Short-term silence button
  • Displays: peak CO, hours and min­utes since peak occurred
  • Shows dura­tion of expo­sure in hours and minutes
  • Calculates approx­i­mate CO blood levels
  • Replaceable 9V bat­tery Protection.
  • Uses the same elec­tro­chem­i­cal sen­sor tech­nol­ogy found in more expen­sive pro­fes­sional CO ana­lyz­ers. They are cal­i­brated using CO, not elec­tronic guess work!

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